QueSCo and the 50th Anniversary of the “Department of English and American Studies“

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Klagenfurt celebrated its 50th anniversary. The celebrations took place from 10:00 to 13:00 in Lecture Hall 4 and was hosted by Blake Shedd, Matthias Klestil, and Alexander Onysko (more info can be found here). Numerous guests of honour were invited to give insights into the beginnings and gradual developments of the department in the first part of the event.

The second part of the event focused on the department today. As part of the presentation of currently ongoing research projects, Eva-Maria Graf also successfully presented our project “Questioning Sequences in Coaching”. To mark the occasion, we designed and exhibited two research posters that a) presented the QueSCo project (poster 1) and b) embedded it in the developments and research landscape of linguistic coaching process research (poster 2).

The photos of this post were kindly provided by the University of Klagenfurt.

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