Half time

One and a half years ago, on March 1, 2021, our project “Questioning Sequences in Coaching” officially started with our kick-off meeting, which, due to the pandemic and the distance between the three teams, had to take place online. With the project’s duration of three years this means that we are now halfway into the project and can proudly look back at various major milestones:



  • The project’s web presence was created and is maintained and updated regularly
  • Data was collected by the project teams from all three countries and were or are currently being transcribed
  • A category system for coaching-specific question types was developed and put to the test
  • Additionally, a category system for the types of question sequences was developed (for the positions -2, -1, 2, and 3) and put to the test
  • A manual for coding the sequence positions was created and team members were trained to carry out the coding
  • Another psychological manual for the third position was developed and put to the test
  • First (trial) encodings with MAXQDA have already occurred

Furthermore, next to already published works, a number of articles and contributions addressing first results are currently in preparation and under review. The (planned) publications are listed under “Activities” and are partly available for download. Our PhD students also greatly focus upon their individual theses (dissertations):


Factors Influencing
the Effectiveness
of Executive
The Role of Appropriate Responsiveness


in Questioning
A Focus on

Melanie Fleischhacker

Executive Coaching: A Linguistic Analysis of the Sequential Organization of Questions and their Prior Actions in Coaching

Moreover, our project team has featured in a great number of conferences throughout the past one and a half years to present results of our research, give lectures, and hold workshops:

November 2021

“Fragen zum Agenda-Setting”
Melanie Fleischhacker
67. AAG | Fulda

“‘Psychotherability’ in psychodiagnostischen Gesprächen”
Thomas Spranz-Fogasy & Gundula Fofana
6. Innsbrucker Winterschool | Obergurgl

“A Dialogue between Equals, the Role of Agenda-Setting Questions in Coaching”
Frédérick Dionne
6. Innsbrucker Winterschool | Obergurgl

“Fragetypen und Coaching-spezifische Fragefunktionen – Erste linguistische Ergebnisse von QueSCo (Questioning Sequences in Coaching)”
Frédérick Dionne & Melanie Fleischhacker
Forschungstag AAU | Universität Klagenfurt

“Zu Formen und Wirksamkeit des Coaching-Gesprächs – Fragen Sie ihre Linguistin” (Keynote)
Eva-Maria Graf
Coaching meets Research | Online Event

January 2022

“Talking Change – Linguistic Insights into the Transformative Interactions between Coaches and Clients” (Keynote)
Eva-Maria Graf
18th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Research Conference | Online Event

May 2022

“Grundlagenforschung, Praxisfelder, Anwendung” (Keynote)
Thomas Spranz-Fogasy
68. AAG | Heidelberg

“Helfen mit Worten – ‘Beraten’, ‘Beratung’ und ‘Beratungskompetenz’ aus der Perspektive der angewandten Linguistik (Linguistische Reflexionen und aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse für die Hochschulpraxis)” (Keynote)
Eva-Maria Graf
Symposium “Konstruktiv, wertschätzend, digital – Beraten in der Hochschullehre” | Online Event

“1, 2 oder 3? – Fragen und Fragesequenzen in Beratungsformaten” (Workshop)
Hansjörg Künzli, Lara Calasso, Melanie Fleischhacker & Frédérick Dionne
Symposium “Konstruktiv, wertschätzend, digital – Beraten in der Hochschullehre” | Online Event

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