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( ©Sabrina Gärtner

©picture University of Klagenfurt: Daniel Waschnig
©picture Zurich University of Applied Sciences: Hannes Thalmann
©picture Leibniz Institute for the German Language: Johannes Vogt

Coaching-Kontroverse: ( picture in the text: ©Coaching meets Research
ICCAP ( and QueSCo@AAU (QueSCo @ AAU – Fragesequenzen im Coaching): Cover picture: ©Pixabay
Project start: ( Cover picture: ©Melanie Fleischhacker
Gesundheitscoaching Online: ( ©picture from Pineapple Supply Co. from Pexels (Cover picture); ©Pixabay (Mark Twain); ©CAI GmbH (Tools Plattform)