Cooperation with Swiss-AL CHORD

QueSCo cooperates with Swiss AL-CHORD

The aim of the interdisciplinary project “Swiss-AL CHORD” (Linguistic ORD Practices for Applied Sciences) is to develop open research data practices for the analysis of language data. The project is led by a team from the ZHAW (Digital Discourse Lab). The Swiss-AL data base includes a collection of texts enriched with linguistic information. The aim is to make social discourse in Switzerland analyzable (also to non-linguists). The corpus consists of texts from the fields of media and journalism, politics and administration, science and research, business and civil society. Metadata, linguistic annotations and corpus-based information can be retreived via the database. This makes it possible to search:

  • for specific words, such as compounds with coaching, e.g., job coaching
  • for attributions in connection with coaching, e.g., digital coaching
  • for frequencies, e.g., the frequency of the word coaching since 2010
  • for linguistic contexts, e.g., in connection with the word coaching, also supervision, mentoring, training frequently appear; or which words frequently appear right before or after the word coaching etc.

Coaching data from the QueSCo project are also part of the Swiss-AL corpus. They were also used for an initial exploratory analysis of phrases that are frequently used in coaching sessions.

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