Call for papers – AILA 2023

Frédérick Dionne and Melanie Fleischhacker (QueSCo team Klagenfurt) are organizing a panel on “Researching Helping Professions for (Applied) Linguistic and Practical Purposes” in the context of the AILA 2023 (conference of the “International Association of Applied Linguistics”) in Lyon.

The aim of this panel is to draw attention to different person-oriented and interaction-based helping professions. This includes, for example, doctor-patient interactions, but also (psycho-)therapy, coaching, supervision, mediation, as well as many other counseling formats that are mainly communicative in nature. The panel provides a platform to carve out and contrast linguistic-discursive commonalities as well as the interaction-specificity of helping formats, but it is also intended to promote and explore the exchange between theory and practice in the sense of “applied linguistics applied”.

We therefore invite researchers focusing on helping professions to contribute to our panel. Possible topics include:

  • (Intra- and inter-disciplinary) Research methods and/or approaches to helping professions
  • Project designs that accommodate both practice and science perspectives or the transfer of research into practice
  • Affordances, challenges, and benefits of researching helping professions
  • (Contrastive/format-specific) Analyses of discursive practices in helping professions/typologies of discursive practices/research on helping professional interventions
  • Research on the local effectiveness of interventions/change-process-research

Abstracts can be submitted in English, German, or French. You can find more information on the submission process here.

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