Coaching controversy

5th Coaching Controversy:

How does science really contribute to the professionalization of coaching?

On June 23, 2021, from 7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Graf and Dr. Regina Jankowitsch give an online talk about Wissenschaft und Professionalisierung im Coaching as a part of the 5th coaching controversy. The discussions, which focus on a variety of topics relevant to coaching, are moderated by Dr. Robert Wegener (FHNW) and have been taking place on a regular basis since November 2020. The aim is to reduce the time left until the 6th International Coaching Conference “Coaching meets Research” takes place.

Prof. Dr. Graf and Dr. Jankowitsch will be discussing, among others, the following questions:

What is the importance of science when it comes to the professionalization of coaching? Is an increase in research and the integration of scientific findings in practice important for the future of coaching?

How and/or to what extent do science and professionalism in coaching correlate? How can we convince sceptics of the importance of this connection? Does coaching really improve with the help of science?

Why is coaching research useful for practice? How can we convince non-academics of the added value of research on and scientific integration and implementation of findings? Are there any concrete examples?

What are the biggest opportunities for the increasing academization of coaching, especially for coaching practice? Are there any dangers in that context?

What kind of coaching research is needed going forward to further the professionalization of coaching? What are the benefits? How could coaching research be (sustainably) funded?

What are the risks of not furthering scientific on coaching and not integrating its findings in practice? Which stakeholders play an important part in it?

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